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Volunteer Coordination

Volunteers work in a wide range of roles within MTHCS and within numerous community and residential based programs. Volunteers are an important part of program delivery and enable the effective delivery of a wide range of programs that otherwise may not be possible. MTHCS aims to support and coordinate volunteers throughout all programs.


Supervision & Support

Volunteers are highly valued members of the service and as such will be provided with support and training relevant to the role they are doing along with opportunities for skill sharing and networking. The Volunteer Coordinator will maintain contact with volunteers and encourage them to report back if they have any concerns or issues either about the role or issues of health safety and wellbeing.


All volunteers will have an orientation at commencement.  The appropriate orientation will be completed by the Community Link Coordinator and / or the program leader to ensure the volunteer understands the role they will be fulfilling and the relevant health and safety aspects. An orientation checklist has been developed – this should be completed and signed at orientation.


The Volunteer Coordinator will maintain regular contact with the volunteer to ensure they are well supported and any issues that may arise are addressed promptly. The Volunteer Coordinator will also ensure the client is matched to the correct role, if there are issues then alternative roles may be found for the volunteer. The volunteer support & evaluation form may be used to evaluate volunteer’s satisfaction with their role and to get feedback about the process.


Contact Volunteer Coordinator: 5092 1111.