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Canon TD Martin Nursing Home 


Canon TD Martin Nursing Home

Hours: 24 hours 

Location: 28 Britt Street Ouyen

Phone: 03 5092 1111

Fax: 03 5091 0281



The Canon TD Martin Nursing Home provides a quality and holistic health service to our aged residents, who are assessed as needing high level residential care. Please click on the links for room description and pricing.

Qualified staff inclusive of: Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Leisure and Lifestyle workers provide person centred care to the residents using best practice principles. Residents and families are involved in care planning to ensure a coordinated approach to care.


Volunteers provide an invaluable service and are an important part of our extended family. Volunteers’ interests are closely matched to those of our residents for mutual benefit.


An Activity and Lifestyle Program which meets individual resident’s needs is provided by staff and volunteers. Family and friends are encouraged to visit and participate in the activities within the home. Some of these activities include: music, gardening, cooking, singing and pet therapy plus much more.


Contact with the community is an important part of the lifestyle program. Local groups are welcome to visit and provide entertainment for our residents. These groups include School Children, singers and line dancers. A weekly church service is held on Wednesday afternoons.


All enquiries can be directed to the Nurse Unit Manager.

Safe Patient Care (Nurse to Patient Ratios) Act 2015

Amendment Act 2019 and Amendment Act 2020

Ouyen Flexibed

Mixed ward: Acute and Aged Care

Total Number of occupied beds: 24

1 March 2021 – 31 August 2021

Acute Portion

AM Shift Ratios: 1:6 + 1 In Charge (no change);

PM Shift Ratios: 1:7 + 1 In Charge (change).

Aged Care Portion

AM Shift Ratios: 1:7 + 1 In Charge (no change);

PM Shift Ratios: 1:8 + 1 In Charge (no change).

Night Shift for Ouyen Flexibed


Staffing for 24 hours

(2RNs + 3EENs); (2RN + 2EENs); (1RN + 1EEN).

Expected number of occupied beds for the following 6-month period:

 Acute – 0; Aged Care- 24;


1st March 2021