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Information for Patients

Admittance Information


MTHCS provides best practice clinical care to acute patients of the Mallee Track Community by appropriately skilled and qualified staff.


MTHCS acute care services are limited to medical cases. Anything requiring complex care shall be referred to a higher level service i.e. Mildura Base Hospital / Bendigo Hospital.


The Medical Officer on duty is the only person authorised to initiate admission of a patient to Acute Care. In the absence of a Medical Officer no admissions shall be accepted.


Things you may need to bring into hospital with you:









Small Mirror

Dressing Gown


Day Clothes

Reading Materials

Discharge Information


Prior to discharge the nurse will organise:


  • Scripts for medications

  • A list and explanation of your medications

  • A medical certificate if required

  • District nurse visits

  • Post acute care

  • Referrals to other health related professionals and other health related services eg. Meals on Wheels

  • Transport if needed

  • Notification of family

  • Follow up appointments

  • Any other concerns you may have


Please do not leave without speaking to the nurse.


Reception will organise any payments.

Freedom of Information

Mallee Track Health & Community Service shall extend to the community as far as possible the right of access to information in the possession of MTHCS (as a Victorian and Commonwealth Government agency) following the guidelines of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and its amendments.


Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation has become part of the political fabric in Australia since its introduction in the early 1980’s. The Commonwealth and all States and Territories have their own FOI Acts.


Local councils in Victoria have since 1 January 1994 been subject to the FOI Act. The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act has four main functions:


  • To provide a general right of access to documents;

  • To enable individuals to amend incorrect information about them held by government;

  • To provide rights of appeal in relation to the previous two functions;

  • To require agencies to publish certain details about themselves and their functions.


For the purpose of the Act, the Director of Nursing is the Freedom of Information Officer (FOI Officer).

Meal Times: 

Ouyen                                          Sea Lake

Breakfast 8:00am                         Breakfast 8:15am

Morning Tea 10:00am                  Morning Tea 10:00am

Lunch 12:30pm                            Lunch 12:00 – 12:15pm

                                                     Afternoon Tea 2:30pm

Dinner 4:45pm                             Dinner 5:00pm

Supper 8:00pm                            Supper 7:00 pm


Choices can be selected from a daily menu to suit your dietary requirements. Please inform staff if you have any special preferences and every endeavour will be made to meet your requests.


Families who wish to stay for a meal are welcome. There will be a small charge for this.

Visiting Hours:


Visiting hours are from 11:00am to 8:00pm each day. However, we are very flexible depending on the patient. Please speak to your nurse for more information.