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Social Worker


Social Workers provide a professional counselling service and can provide general information on Power of Attorney (POA), Guardianships, stress management, personal and family wellbeing, decision making, everyday lifestyle issues, social isolation, anxienty and wellfare issues.

MTHCS has Social Workers who can visit people in their home, at service centres or within a preferred safe environment.

Social Workers can assist in finding the support needed for your issue or concern and refer you to specialist services if required.

To contact a Social Worker call 0438 950 202



Family Services


Mallee Track Health & Community Service is  a partner agency of the Mallee Child, Youth and Family Services Alliance which supports the integrated development and operation of services to vulnerable children, young people and families in the Buloke local government area.

Family Services works toward having positive outcomes for vulnerable and at risk children, young people and their families by providing a range of services with a family focus, by strengthening the skills of parents to provide care, safety, stability and promote a childs development by improving  the families community connections and access to resources.  The primary focus is on the best interests of the child or young person.

All referrals come through Child FIRST which is a centralised intake and referral system.  A request for service can be made to Child FIRST by families themselves.

Child FIRST contact number: 1300 669 289