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Volunteer Transport Program


All customers requesting this service need to be assessed by My Aged Care or undertake a HACC assessment to ensure eligibility for service under HACC or CHSP and that your needs can be met by volunteers.  Access to this service is dependent on vehicle and volunteer availibility, however every effort is made to get you to your medical appointments.  Volunteer drivers will collect people from their home; drive them to their destination and return.

A volunteer escort can be provided for those needing assistance during the trip or at the destination. 

Transport Bookings

All bookings are made with Transport Coordinator on 0419371445 and need to be made at least 24 hours in advance for local trips and 3 days for longer trips.


Sharing a vehicle

To maximize services for everyone, it may be necessary to share a vehicle and some flexibility in pickup and return times may be required to accommodate everyone.

Sometimes because of high demand there may be times when resources are exhausted.  When this occurs we may not be able to assist with your booking.  We apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding in these circumstances.


Transport Service Times

Please ensure you notify at the time of booking if there are additional tasks you require as part of the service.  Please do not ask the volunteer driver for extra tasks as time may be limited due to their next booking or a requirement of their time or vehicle access.  Volunteer drivers are not responsible for peoples bookings.


In Ouyen there is a Friday shopping bus.


In Underbool there is a Friday shopping car that comes into Ouyen.





Transport Fees

MTHCS receives funding for the coordination of the service only.  There is a fee for the service dependent on km travelled.  People are encouraged to apply for VPTAS or DVA funding to contribute to the actual cost of the transport.  Transport fees are available on request and are based on covering the running costs of the vehicle.


Fees are payable on the day unless prior arrangement has been made with the coordinators (ie: invoicing of transport).