Acute Care


Hours: 24 hours 

Location: 28 Britt Street Ouyen

Phone: 03 50921111

Fax: 03 50910281







Mallee Track Health & Community Service provides Acute Care for the residents of Mallee Track. Members of our dedicated health care team work closely together to ensure that you receive quality, holistic care. We expect everyone within the care environment to be treated with respect and dignity inclusive of patient, families, visitors and staff.


Patients are encouraged to ask questions about their care so they have a good understanding of what is happening. The following care is provided for our patients: Medical illness e.g. heart problems, diabetes, breathing problems; Transfer from another hospital after surgery or treatment to recover close to family and friends; Palliative care (Terminal Illness); and After having a baby at another hospital.


Fees: Clients may elect to use their private health insurance cover.

Staff Patient Care (Nurse to Patient Ratios) Amendment Act 2019

 Name: Ouyen Flexibed;  Mixed Ward:  Acute and Aged Care.  1 September 2019 to 28 February 2020

  • Total Number of occupied beds: 24

  • Different ratios that apply to each portion:

              Acute Care – AM  shift ratios 1:6 +1 In charge; PM 1:7 + 1 In charge; Night Duty: 1:10

              Aged Care – AM 1:7 + 1 In charge; PM 1:8 + 1 In charge; Night Duty: 1:15

Staffing for 24 hours (2RNs + 3EENs); (1RN + 2EENs); (1RN + 1EEN).

  • Expected number of occupied beds for the following 6 month period:  Acute - 1; Aged Care - 24

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